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Group prices for a Spreewald boat trip with prior notification


  groups of  1 to 14 people:                                  60 € - 120 € per hour/barge*

  Groups of 15 to 20 people:                                  €70 - €130 per  hour/boat*  

  Groups of 21 to 26 people:                                   80 € - 140 € per hour/barge*  

*The  Hourly rate depends on the  total duration  the boat ride.

  •   The longer the boat trip (5 - 6 hours), the cheaper the hourly price.

  •   The minimum calculation is 2 hours.

  •   Our Spreewald barges can carry up to 26 people.

  •   If you have one or more punts for your Spreewald punt trips  require,

     Contact us. We would be happy to make you a personal offer.

  Please call 03542/40 50 81 and 174 / 95 91 811 or use our  Online request.

Kahnfahrt bei Lehde.jpg
Prices 2022 for day guests without prior notification/reservation


This price list applies to guests who do not need their own boat and who take the boat trip with other guests, because then you do not need a reservation.

In the season the boats go every day. Please just come here and get on.

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