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Optional additional services

  • Visit to the open-air museum in the Spreewald village of Lehde (duration approx. 60 min.)

  • with old Wendish farmsteads from the Spreewald, punt building, adventure areas, Sorbian/Wendish costumes, handicrafts, blueprints, herb garden, exhibitions

  • Guided tours by prior arrangement when booking the boat trip (groups of up to 25 people 40.00 euros)


     Price per person 6.00 euros

     (from 10 people 4.50 euros each)



  • Reception by a city guide in Lower Sorbian festive costume

    (duration approx. 15 min)

  •   The travel group is led by a Spreewald woman in     warmly welcomed in their festive costume and  authentic about the costume as well as about that  living customs informed.

               Basic price up to 30 people:  40.00 euros

               Surcharge per additional person:   1.00 euros

  • Champagne reception on the barge at the start of the journey

     a piccolo red riding hood sparkling wine

                               Price: EUR 3.00 each

  • Reception with Spreewaldbitter on the barge

     a Spreewald bitter (0.02 l)

                               Price : 1.50 euros each

  • Welcome drink on board at the start of the journey

     a piccolo sparkling wine or beer or shandy or          

     a non-alcoholic drink

                               Price: 3.00 euros each

  • Drinks all inclusive for the boat trip from 14 people

     All drinks on the barge are included (Cola, Fanta,         water, beer, shandy, sparkling wine, liqueurs)

                           Price per person: 19.00 euros

  • "Pure Spreewald snack"

The pure Spreewald snack consists of an original Spreewald gherkin (pickled gherkin, mustard gherkin or gherkin depending on your choice) and a typical Spreewald lard sandwich.

                                Price per snack: 3.50 euros


  • "Spreewald snack classic"

The Spreewald snack consists of a gherkin mix with Spreewald gherkins, mustard gherkins and gherkins and a typical Spreewald lard sandwich.

                            Price per snack: 4.00 euros


    Lunch at "Cafe Venice " in Lehde  from 20 people        ​

  • Original Grützwurst with Lübbenauer bacon sauerkraut, cucumber and mashed potatoes

  • Pork goulash with bacon sauerkraut and mashed potatoes

  • Fried catfish fillet on horseradish cream vegetables on buttered rice

  • Penne "Spreewaldbolognese" pasta with fruity Bolognese (minced meat) and cheese

  • Spreewald herbal quark, onions, linseed oil and potatoes

  • Hearty plins with vegetables and homemade pesto, gratinated with cheese                                          

               Price: on the group ticket  all dishes 13.00 euros each


  • Coffee set in the Spreewald village of Lehde from 20 people. and from a boat trip of 3.0 h

     a piece of sheet cake and a pot of coffee per person

                        Price: Group ticket from EUR 7.50 per person

  • Grill buffet offer 1 *

     (from 20 people and from 4 h boat trip and please on request)

  • Pork neck steak marinated in onion - pepper - marinade

  • Fish (according to offer of the day)

  • bratwurst

  • Various barbecue sauces and homemade sauces, mustard from the Koal mustard factory in Lehde, baking miniatures and hearty farmhouse bread  

  • Selection of different salads, Spreewald gherkin pot, herb quark with boiled potatoes and cold-pressed Lausitz linseed oil

        Price per person from 12 years 18.00 euros  

        Price per person 4 - 11 years  9.00 euros  

        Price per person 0 -   3 years free  

     additionally with dessert:

        Price per person from 12 years 21.00 euros

        Price per person 4 - 11 years 10.50 euros  

        Price per person 0 -  3 years free


1* steak, bratwurst and fish can be refilled depending on appetite

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